Social Media

The Challenge

Everybody knows they need to be “in social media” these days but often they’re not quite sure where to start or what exactly that means for their business. It’s all very well to set up a Facebook page for your organisation but who will run it? In what way? What will your organisation’s policies be? It may be that Facebook is not the right fit for your stakeholders.


The Solution

A needs-based analysis of your target audiences, existing community and stakeholders, ideal voice for the organisation, goals and more result in a clear social media plan for your organisation or campaign.

initial assessment

Online assessment accompanied by a three-page document outlining risks, opportunities and potential directions.

hold my hand

Session one is designed to understand your business: clearly a not-for-profit has very different online needs from a school or university and a large media organisation differs again.
After this, tinderspark will create a plan for you, including setting up social media accounts, content planning and social media policy and framework for your organisation as required. 

quick and dirty

tinderspark can also implement short-term social media campaigns, such as competitions, promotions and surveys or take the reins while your regular social media staff are on leave.

content strategy

Need a clear plan to work to? tinderspark can help create a 12-month content calendar for your team.

training and support

Subsequent sessions can be training sessions or assistance.

Finally, the approach moves to a support contract for assistance when you need it.

the full shebang

Following a complete assessment of your needs, including stakeholder analysis and market research, tinderspark will

  • develop guidelines and policies for your use,
  • run strategy sessions for your key stakeholders and executives,
  • help set up social media accounts,
  • create content plans,
  • train staff or run your social media as desired and
  • act as a support line during the initial steps when your team takes over updating social media accounts.

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