Training and support

The Challenge

Your organisation has terrific staff who are all subject experts and now you need them to run your web site or social media as well.

The Solution

tinderspark can run a variety of training sessions for your organisation, either one-on-one or for groups up to 10 at a time.

content workshop (half-day)

Following on from a tinderspark social media strategy or assessment, learn to develop a content calendar for your communications via social and digital media. Covers tone, timing and tools to ensure the greatest efficiency when communicating with your audience.

Facebook essentials (half- or full-day)

Covers setting up a profile, comprehensive understanding of the settings, setting up a page, administering a page, using Facebook as a page, understanding the Timeline, scheduling a post, pinning a post to the top, highlighting a post, posting photos, posting links, moderating comments, administering spam comments, understanding insights.

Full day session will result in a page that is ready to use.

wordpress essentials (half-day)

Covers posts, pages, adding images, managing settings and users, moderating comments, shortcodes (where relevant). This course assumes the WordPress site has already been set up. Course content may be tailored for your existing WordPress site, for example to include training to use an Events system or eCommerce system.

Twitter essentials (half- or full-day)

Covers the anatomy of a tweet, hashtags, search tools, retweeting with and without comment, mobile tools, analysis tools, understanding audience response, appropriate interaction.

Full day session will also include setting up a profile and following others.

tumblr essentials (half- or full-day)

Covers setting up a tumblog, content types, themes, reblogging, scheduling, shared blogging, mobile options and integration.

Full-day workshop assumes set up for multiple individuals and a shared tumblog with a pre-established content strategy.

basic html for content producers (4 hours)

While modern content management systems (CMS) do most of the work for you, it helps to know the basics of how HTML functions so that content producers can understand what they’re producing and tweak materials as needed.

Especially useful for troubleshooting web and mailing list templates created by external agencies but used by internal staff.

other social networks (full-day)

tinderspark also offers tailored training for Pinterest, Google+ pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and emerging tools as needed. Call 0402 148 489 to discuss your requirements.

social media for journalists (half-day)

Covers basic Facebook and Twitter technical aspects, followed by best practices for journalists following leads, tweeting and retweeting, understanding and responding to crises, defamation online, comment moderation on Facebook and tracking success.

basic css styling for content producers (4 hours)

Cascading style sheets determine both the style and layout of modern web pages. This session covers how to read a CSS file and change basic colours, box styles, the appearance of text and headings, styling images and tables.


Most social media services do not have support teams based in Australia. tinderspark can become your social media phone support for a very reasonable price. Choose from retainer plus by-the-hour rates or unlimited service.

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